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Pill, condom, IUD or implant?

Nov 13 2022 Pill, condom, IUD or implant?

Since the advent of internet in the 1990’s, and the phenomenon of internet search, all consumer information is available for everyone. Still, we can save you a few minutes by answering the question.

Pills, IUDs, implants, and condoms are all effective and safe birth control. Birth control pills are taken daily, and that, it is known, is their only problem; namely one may forget to take the pill. Their comparative advantage seems to be convenience. All you do is pop a pill. So the pill has become the default for unmarried girls in many countries. IUD’s and implants are more permanent devices installed by the physician in the female. They are generally preferred by young women who believe they had enough children. Condoms are donned when needed and then discarded.

A condom can be compared to the protective wear that firemen wear. Use it when needed. The difference is that you discard the condom after a use. The general advantage of a male condom is the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases while preventing pregnancy. Due to these two factors, male condoms are the preferred devices for young people. A male condom does have an additional advantage. It can be shaped to improve the response of the female.

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