Function of Sex

As a floating body is carried by the force of a water current, humanity is continued by the force of Nature. And that force of Nature acts through the human brain as sexual urge. The urge forces males and females to participate in reproduction. This participation is intercourse. Even as we are led by Nature in this normal biological process, there are two factors to consider — unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses. Prophylactics prevent these. Among these, male condoms are the most effective in preventing the transmission of disease. They also reduce the chance of pregnancy by up to 98% when worn correctly. Nature forces the issue of sperms from the male through making him feel good in doing it. This occurs as the male achieves climax. The illusion of satisfaction and release of tension follow this. But the most satisfaction is when the female also achieves climax – called orgasm – at the same time of or at least some time during the act. This is mutual climax. Klimax condoms,most selling condom in India, help to achieve this through slowing down the arrival of the climax for the male and speeding up the orgasm of the female – technology for Mutual Climax.

Premium Latex Condoms for Men, with “Technology for Mutual Climax”

Klimax condoms are made with natural rubber latex and undergo “Finished Product Test Methods” on Burst Properties, Tensile Properties, and Freedom from Holes in compliance with EN 46001, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2000) of the MDD 93/42/EEC and ISO 2859 before released for consumption.