Mutual Climax™

Celebrating the Spiritual Glow of Communion!

Sex is more enjoyable when both partners are getting pleasure from the experience. Good sex is among the most mutually enjoyable experiences. When it is not only an orgasmic experience for both partners, but also passionately desired by each for the other and they reach the summit of pleasure together at the same time, it is mutual climax.

Why Mutual?

It is mutual because it is experienced by both and wished and caused by each for the other.

Two people wanting to undergo a shared experience increase the benefit for each by wanting to provide in accord with this question: “What is in it for you?” In sex, it is in desiring that the partner gets great arousal pleasure, for as long a duration as possible, and achieves that together. That is the mutual in mutual climax. An explosive, simultaneous, synced, sensual fire caused by one on the other!

A woman is under man not only in normal intercourse but also in the general belief of most cultures that a woman’s sexual desire and need are secondary to that of man. Woman is expected to perform. This is not mutual.

True sex is consensual. True sex is unselfish. True sex is mutual.

Mutual climax

While in sexual union, if you are thinking of your work or other things or even of what the partner is doing, then you might be bare but barely in intimacy and surely not in sexual intimacy. A prerequisite of sexual intimacy is the letting go of both mind and body. You are in auto-drive! Then you are on the path to the top, together, and helping each other – mutual climax. Blow the top off each other at the same time!

It is in giving that we receive. In fact, the greater pleasure is in giving than in receiving, particularly when the giving does not substantially reduce you. The reason is that the incremental pleasure from receiving is lower than the amount of dissonance had the giving been not made. The preceding sentence is difficult to understand as it is a consequence of the phenomenon called coginitive dissonance. It is the principle behind mutual climax.

Analysis of the psychology and mechanism of mutual climax requires study. For the consumer, us, it suffices to know that in caring for the joy of the partner, we receive our joy – mutual climax.

Mutual climax and health

Sex through mutual climax has benefits – both mental health and physical health. It is beyond the benefits of oxytocin release! Mutual climax not only takes sex to the highest level, but also produces continuing happiness beyond the bedroom.

Klimax condoms and mutual climax

So what has Klimax condoms to do with mutual climax? Klimax condoms are burst-tested thin latex condoms that are ribbed to accelerate the arrival of woman’s orgasm so as to catch up with the man’s. In this manner, they help to synchronize the orgasm in both the male and the female – mutual climax. Klimax condoms have a history built on giving. For many years prior to the launch of the brand, the founders ran a charity called Janaseva Foundation in Kerala. It is still ongoing. They helped the poor with medical bills as well as family planning.


Condoms for men "Technology for Mutual Climax" ™

As part of the program they used to provide condoms free to poor men in the region. Purchasing so many at retail price became expensive for the charity that they started manufacturing this brand – based on the idea of giving – Klimax. In sync with the idea of giving, the slogan Mutual Climax was adopted and the product itself was promoted as Technology for Mutual Climax. The company continues to provide free condoms to the poor young men in the region Janaseva serves. And provide the quality condoms at fair prices to consumers!

Sex and brain

It might be surprising to many to learn that the main founder of this brand is a mathematician. He says that like mathematics, sex is also a brain phenomenon! It is not that you do not feel for sex if you are brain-impaired but that the sensual aspects which together produce the pleasure and the drive for it are from the brain. Of course there is a difference between math and sex in terms of brain response – the former is voluntary.

Sex and mankind

The true function of sex is as servitude to nature. “Orgasm is one of the most intense pleasures attainable to an organism.”[1] All the sense trappings of sex are eventually for the perpetuation of mankind. Nature forces us through not only making us feel good but also rendering us like Sisyphus. We look forward to bearing the burden. In this sense, sex is devine. It was bestowed on mankind for its own perpetuation.


Being sacrilegious has a penalty - diseases. One solution is to wear condoms.

[1] “What is orgasm? A model of sexual trance and climax via …”, Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology, v. 6(2016)